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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sleeping with the Expired Nuclear Codes

Agence France-Presse posted an article today about three Air Force technicians at a Minuteman III missile unit at Minot AFB falling asleep while in possession of expired nuclear launch code components in violation of approved procedure on July 12.

The Airmen involved are certainly facing Article 15 punishment from their commander. This kind of incident is not what the Air Force can tolerate. Certainly not after the improper shipment of nuclear weapon components out of the country and the loading of nuclear weapons onto a B-52 without any awareness on the part of the Air Force or the Pentagon. The pattern of inattention to basic procedure and detail with respect to the handling and operations of nuclear weapons simply cannot be tolerated.

For the Three Airmen at Minot: We were all taught two things at basic training: Attention to Detail & Mission First. Pull your heads out my friends. Our nation expects better and you swore an oath you need to uphold. Your 328,598 active duty brothers and sisters in Air Force blue expect better from you, and you have failed them, yourselves, and your nation. Stand tall in front of your commander, take your punishment, and resolve to do better. Eventually, you will regain the respect and trust you've lost with your poor judgment.

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