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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The 'Comfort Capsule' Fiasco

On the 18th, the Washington Post ran a story on the Air Force's desire to use of counter-terrorism funds to assist in the purchase and outfitting of 'comfort capsules' for the use of Congressmen, high level DoD officials, and general officers to travel in style to their destinations. Not surprisingly, the New York Times printed an editorial on its web site this morning, rightly decrying this latest example of a lack of integrity in the service.

On the 21st of July, Air Force magazine published a story about the 'comfort capsules' intending to tell what Mr. Paul Harvey would call, "the rest of the story." The article makes the case that the demands of Congress and other VIP level members of our government for the 'expected' level of comfortable transport to a war zone where our troops fight for our country.

The Air Force e-mails the Post article refers to seem to indicate a desire for comfort run amok. Naturally, we all know that rank has its privileges; and no Senator or Congress member would be caught dead traveling the way our soldiers do to the front lines; in cramped, canvas lined or thin cushioned 'economy class' airline seats, often loaded into the transport's cargo bay. Naturally, there are no beds for rest or TVs to entertain the troops on the 14+ hour flight.

Certainly the senior leaders in the military shoulder many burdens, but they would be better served by shouldering the same burden the troops they command must bear. As for the politicians in Congress, they should travel with the troops and gain a better appreciation of the burdens of men and women in uniform, since far too few of our elected representatives have ever served in our military. Then we wouldn't be having a discussion about using counter-terrorism funds for 'comfort capsules.'

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