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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

The price of our Freedom -

Dead or Wounded in service to our nation: 50,000 in the Revolutionary War; approx 31,700 in the Quasi & Barbary Wars & other actions against pirates; ~25,000 in the War of 1812; ~900,000 in the Civil War; 4,068 in the Spanish-American War; 7,126 in the Philippine-American War; 320,518 in WWI; 1,076,245 in WWII; 128,650 in the Korean War; 211,454 in the Vietnam War; 1,231 in the Gulf War; 36,231 in the Iraq War; and 7,125 in the War in Afghanistan.

There are also more than 2 Million active duty, reserve and civilian members of the U.S. Military; whose families also serve, often preforming a much tougher mission than their loved ones - they worry and wait for them to send word, and to come home again when the mission is done.

For those who paid the ultimate price, who were wounded on a battlefield and returned to a grateful nation, and those that still serve - Thank you and God Bless.