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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New President

I've just finished watching the inauguration of President Obama, and have yet again marveled at, and been pleased to see, the peaceful transfer of executive power in the United States.

It is a goal that many nations may desire and strive for, but few have so far achieved. In witnessing it again, I am reassured that the ideals our nation was founded on prevail, in spite of war, bad economic times, or the people's disillusionment with government as is sometimes the case.

In this inaugural, we have been additionally privileged to witness the swearing in of our nation's first African American President. I believe his presidency will mark the beginning of an era where his successors will be not just African Americans, but Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and others who more fully represent the many races and beliefs of our citizens. We all share in the common dream that is America, the shared history of sacrifice and hard work that has built America, and the shared freedoms that make America one of the great nations of the world. Thanks to Mr. Obama, our future Presidents will no doubt more fully reflect that.

Today, America has renewed itself, as it does every four years when the President takes the oath of office. Today, all Americans find hope that in new leadership, our nation will again make its best effort to improve itself. Time will show us if Mr. Obama's leadership and stewardship of our nation is all we hope it will be, but for today, we wish him and his new administration well.

Good Luck Mr. President.

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